Turkman Tribal Hat: Long Flaps, TurkHat1


8.5″ diameter at brow (20 cm)
8.75″ high to tip (23 cm)
14″ long flaps (36 cm)

This hat is made up of vintage remnants, taken from other garments. The metal (base) pieces are stamped and cut out, all completely done by hand and are considered to be protective against the evil eye. The fabric on the flaps looks really old and handwoven. The cowrie shells are large and in great shape. Although the hat is traditional Turkman in style (see last photo), it was probably made for the tourist trade in the 1980’s. It does not have great ethnographic value, yet the elements individually do add up. Great for belly dancers!

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Afghan Tribal Arts specializes in hand cut, unpolished beads from Afghanistan and the region. Working with artisans directly in the Peshawar region, your purchase helps support small workshops who work in traditions established over centuries in the Silk Road. Afghanistan has great wealth in its natural resources, including an endless variety of semi-precious stones. Unpolished stones take in the oils of the skin with wear and develop a deep patina over time.

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