Tucson 2013

Our room in Tucson

We’re here!!!

It’s hard to believe that a whole year has come and gone since we were last in Tucson, but here we are again!  Loaded with beautiful beads, textiles and carved wood from Central Asia, all we need is YOU to come and stop by!


We’re in the same place as we were last year:

Howard Johnson’s downtown

Room #149

This show goes through the 14th of February and is our home base. 

Need directions?



tucson 2013  




Inside the room:

photo 1

The Best Bead Show

We will also be at the Best Bead Show from February 6-10th.  Click on the image below for info and directions:

best bead show

Some images from last year:










We hope to see you soon!

3 responses to “Tucson 2013”

  1. Beverlyl says:

    These pics look so clear and colorful. Great ads. Tucson huh? Let me know way in advance of when you will be coming my way, ha ha, like Abdul ever does any plan way in advance, I know. I can’t eat grapefruit until they take me off this medicine but thanks for peeling it and sharing it with me at the park. I am going to try to rent a spot at the spring show at the Moroccan Shrine Temple. Do you always ask for the same spot? I will ask for one nearby so we can give each other bath room breaks if you like.
    I called to wish you a Happy New Year or something and you called back a couple times and missed me, but you did not say call back so I did not want to interfere with which ever part of your “harem” you were with. Call me any time. Beverly
    I sure hope you are well and sales are kind to you.

  2. Abdul,
    Wish I could have made that trip. Looks like you have some very nice inventory. I will be contacting my friends Jamie/Island Beads Islamorado,Fla. to drop by and see you… She is out there with a friend…
    Let me know when you can get down this way and I’ll set up a little show… Maybe with some advanced notice I can notify some of my friends.
    Have a great show…Jennifer

  3. Abdul,
    Hope all is going well.
    Could you tell me the type of spray that you mentioned to me to stabilize the natural stones? Jennifer

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