The Horses of My Mind

horses- blonde

“The horses of my mind – which left me for a run through the valley of thoughts, deep in to the forest of imagination, crossing the rivers of thinking in a quest to meet a new wind cutting through the old one-left me without a thought, like a thinker without a mind.”

-Abdul Wardak

7 responses to “The Horses of My Mind”

  1. Margaret hicks says:

    Beautiful metaphors. I love horses.

  2. Palms says:

    Afghanistan must have beautiful horses !!!!

  3. Kimber says:

    Very nice we’ll spoken

  4. April Bolejack says:

    Another well written extended metaphor. Well done!

  5. Edlynne says:

    Truly captures the feeling of crossing through space to other levels when becoming one with a horse.

  6. Chiquita says:

    An Afghan horseman!

  7. georgi says:

    Beautiful poetry. When my friend died, he was about 45 years old and had leukemia, I had a dream he returned to me. He was eaiting for me by a waterfall and he had two horses. One black, one white. He led the white horse to me as a gift and rode the black horse back behind the waterfall. I held tight to the mane of the white horse, not wanting to let go of the gft, the beauty but as a tear fell like the mist of the waterfall, I slowly loosened my grip setting the horse free . . . and tear, the waterfall, the horse and the dream vanished. I write everyday Abdul. It is an obsession. I can’t not write. It is not for profit, not forfame, but a spiritual catharsis and I hope you always continue to write. You have a beautiful gift. So glad you shared your peitic insights as they are uplifting and reveal a glimp se of your talent.

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