Textile Stamps

Vintage textile stamps

Printing fabric manually still thrives as an art all over Asia, including Afghanistan. Carving the blocks is as much an art as the printing process they are used for. Over time, the blocks become damaged with wear and tear and are no longer useful to the workshops. But, for many of us, the old, worn blocks tell stories and have great value as works of art in themselves. West Elm made a video documenting both the carving and stamping process of similar blocks used in Rajasthan, India. Check it out:

I have them all over my house as decorations. They look great on shelves or you can add picture hangers to the backs and hang them on the wall.

Many are still usable or could be repaired with wood filler. Cleaned up really well (some have remnants of batik wax, indigo or other dyes), they could be pressed into paper pulp, soap or pastries.

We carry them in our Etsy shop. Click on any image to go there:

Have you used our stamps to print on fabric or paper? Or, are you using them as decoration? Send us pics of what you have done and we’ll post them on our site! Your talent can give others ideas of what to do with these stories from the past.

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