Silver Stream

waterfallsphoto credit: bretvogel via photopin cc



The tears of the morning cloud and the sweat deep from the heart of the mountain
Come together one morning
Giving birth to a silvery liquid snake that strolls the stream,
     Carrying with it leaf after leaf, against their will.
Each hug and sparkly impact keeps the rocks cool and calm,
      Waiting for the next to come.
Then rushing down the valley,
       Forcefully tumbling and shaping the rocks
       No matter what their size.
The Rush rolls and roars its invitation for others to join the run before reaching
      The end of the journey in the Land of Peace,
       In the Motherland of Ocean.


-by Abdul Wardak

photo credit: the_tahoe_guy via photopin cc

5 responses to “Silver Stream”

  1. Kimber says:

    Yes water the source of life .

  2. Carolyn says:

    This writing reminds me of how life is. We, like the stream rushing in our every walk of life trying to travel to the Most High. We are shaped by the battles that we endure daily. Thank you Abdul for sharing one of your most precious writings!!! This is my favorite.

  3. April Bolejack says:


    I am intrigued by the way your mind and writing meander around your topic and then leave the reader to either join you in your travel or, intrigued by you, think of his own point of view. I am bringing @ 10 poems for us to share; perhaps you will bring some also. See you around 11:00am tomorrow.


  4. georgi says:

    the days crawl by like caterpillars
    the nights too spin along
    tomorrow we will wing away
    free wind and blessed song

    japanese sandgrains
    mingle on the starlit shore
    the castle remains

  5. georgi says:

    wolfeyes – piercing gleam
    bass notes echo – snowy owl
    cold sterling moonbeam

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