Ship at Dawn



The night has come to an end

Dawn awaits for the ship to depart

It is a new day in the making

Two friends dear and one to say good-byes

For it is hard but wise…

As he looks back in his mind

He knows that the memory of the past

Is the only untouchable and priceless treasure

That he took and left behind

And his simple wish is

If he someday returns to shore

A friend might remember who he is.

Abdul Wardak,   2006


3 responses to “Ship at Dawn”

  1. Chiquita says:

    Your writings are a hidden treasure written for your hidden treasure.

  2. Margaret hicks says:

    Your writing makes us value our friendships . Always leave behind friends wherever you go and when you come back they will know you.

  3. April Bolejack says:

    I am intrigued with the richness of your verse. There is no greater tool than the ability to manipulate words so as to let the reader know you better. Write on!

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