Afghan Tribal Arts mostly operates a wholesale business.  However, we do have a gallery in Pendleton, South Carolina, which features some of the best of our Central Asian collection, plus ethnographic collectibles from other parts of the world.  Click on the image below to see more information on Sturee Tribal Village:

We have a large online shop on Etsy.  Prices there are 30% above wholesale, mostly to cover the time it takes to photograph and ship out the product.  If you have a tax id#, you may qualify for a discount.  Contact us for eligibility.


We are in the process of opening up a showroom and warehouse in Paducah, KY.  The building is on Broadway in the downtown area and we are hoping to open in Spring 2013.  We will update this page when we have more to share on that.

Afghan Tribal Arts had a gallery in Chicago for four years, Dara Tribal Village.  We thank all of our former customers and hope that you will continue to visit us at our shows, current retail locations and online.

Dara Tribal Village: