One Early Morning on the Road

Morning Road

photo credit: Kay Gaensler via photopin cc


by Abdul Wardak

In anticipation of receiving your lips,
The bubbles of my desire
burst like the dissipating bubbles of freshly served wine.
While the brain was in submission to the demands of the heart,
It was a struggle to keep conscious…
    Till the song of a dove made me open my eyes,
     and you were stolen with my dream…..
One early morning on the road.



photo credit: sandy.redding via photopin cc

8 responses to “One Early Morning on the Road”

  1. Donna says:

    Loved this. Abdul can see into the soul and put into words what people feel in the heart

  2. Palms says:

    Nice dream Mr Wardak. Wake up Andul????

  3. Margaret hicks says:

    Abdul, Muslims don’t drink wine , but you seem to know the very essence of fresh poured wine. This reminds me of dreaming of my mother after she died. I dreamed she was there and then a sound wakened me and robbed me of her presence. You captured that feeling.

  4. Marsha Pusher says:

    You captured the essence of dreaming about something very pleasant and being awoken to the reality of it not being there. You certainly have a way of capturing the delicate nature of a beautiful, but fleeting dream.

  5. April Bolejack says:

    Abdul, Your responses to your emotions weave themselves in and out of the recesses of the mind and reality. That is a skill not all poets possess. I hope you will continue to allow your friends into your heart and mind.

  6. CoCo says:

    Beautiful. It captures perfectly the way the spirit can take us to other places with the ones we love. But don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road! My mother loved this, too.

  7. Chiquita says:

    dream about beads, but this one is very good .

  8. georgi says:

    fallen angel

    harsh storms reveal love
    heart thundering in my hands
    my lightening struck dove

    Hi Abdul – enjoyed your writings, and inspired me to search back in the mind files for some stuff I composed. Lots of lyrics, poetry, short stories and hopefully one day a book or two. Peace to you

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