Jade comes in many colors but most of the beads we have are variations of green or black.  These beads, all hand-carved, have not been polished.  They take on the oils of the skin and over time, develop a wonderful sheen and luster.  Cool to the touch, jade is a favorite in many cultures.  Jewelry designers usually buy our strands and take them apart, using the beads as accents with other stones or metals.

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6 responses to “Jade”

  1. Eliane Télio says:

    would you have any of the jade beads in stock in the middle picture where it is written JADE?

  2. richard haly says:

    interested in round jade or flourite beads of various greens as shown in the photo on the right (above). Can you send me photos/link to current inventory and prices?

    Many thanks.


  3. ATA admin says:

    Looks like we are out of those in the Etsy shop right now. I’ll email you when I can get more from Abdul.

    You can see what beads we have in stock on this page:

  4. mario jurado says:

    I would like to buy jade beads in many shapes where is posible to see a catalog?

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