I Will Never Love Again

 by Abdul Ahad Wardak

Reinantephoto credit: Jose Luis Mieza Photography via photopin cc


  The spices of your passion

     Ignited my taste for life again.

Feeling the slow pain of vulnerability,

     I carried my soul to the castle of your heart.


Remember my saying that I would never love again.

     Secured by an iron gate, but

Finding there only a gatekeeper empty of feelings

     Sent a creeping chill through my body.


I fell to my knees,

     With a prayer on my lips,

Asking for you.

     But you were gone.


I had to come to tell you

     That I have fallen in love again.





Old man Afghanistan
photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc

9 responses to “I Will Never Love Again”

  1. Chiquita says:

    Unless your first love devastated you; it is not a crime to fall in love again. That’s actually the best way to feel very much ALIVE, Mr. Wardak.

  2. CoCo says:

    Very powerful writing. It expresses and elicits such strong feelings it leaves me without words.

  3. Office girl says:

    Whether for a person or a place, it is an awesome thing to open the heart, let the walls come down and find love again. How beautifully you expressed this my friend.

  4. Edlynne says:

    The depth of your feelings are expressed so beautifully by your words.

  5. Margaret says:

    I was deeply touched by these words and cried after I read the last line.

  6. dave says:

    love your poetry and the pictures that go with it. You might want to consider getting it published

  7. Lynna Shirk says:

    I enjoyed your poem about love.

  8. georgi says:

    My love you’ll never find me
    crying in the rain
    night whispers are behind me
    lost echoes of our pain
    my heart continues stealing
    the rhyhm of your soul
    chasing for a feeling
    to once more make me whole
    Why race the soul with fire
    painting dreams that don’t last long –
    my truth you will desire
    sweet secret, soft sad song.
    My love you’ll never reach me
    drowning in the rain
    If only you could teach me
    how to live again

  9. Pam says:

    If it were only me. If only. If?

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